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The Year is 1942, 

Three years after the axis of evil started its 
bloodthirsty warpath on the world under the command 
of the soulless son of a bitch Adolf Hitler. 
The weapons they use are nothing like anything we have seen, 
fighter jets that can move faster than I can blink, 
war ships that are basically a whole battalion by themselves 
and guns that leave burning holes in people that no bullet 
I’ve ever seen can do. There are rumors that the axis has 
gotten its bloodstained hands on alien technology 
or are being aided by extra-terrestrials, 
I just think some of the fly boys have been 
reading too many ghost stories while partaking 
of the local’s moonshine. 

The United States has just launched its first air raid
on Japan in retaliation to the attack on Pearl Harbor. 
Showing that they are venerable and not unstoppable, 
this small victory was just what we needed, what the world needed. 
This will give them hope.
Hope is an ember in the dust, spark of resistance will combust.

The members of the axis seem so inhuman, 
their eyes are dull lacking the warmth of life. 
These animals are so bent on world domination that they forgo honour, morality and humanity… 
Everything dies in its wake women, children, any poor son a bitch that stands in their way. 
But this attack proves that they’re vulnerable, after all they’re human like the rest of us… Right?


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